The story focuses on a most unique and unbelievable behavior of a tiger who took the revenge from a tigress who killed his mother.

The story begins in the end of the year 2010, when a tigress named Langdi was ruling the “Chakradhara” area of the Bandhavgarh National Park.

A new tigress named Kankati came in the area of Langdi. Forest rangers assumed that a fight will happen between the tigresses and it became true.

they fought with each other in which Langdi won the battle and Kankati left the Chakradhara territory.

In March 2011, Kankati returned to the Chakradhara area and she  now taken her revenge after killing Langdi not only she killed her but she ate her also.

After knowing about the death of their mother, the cubs of the Langdi left the Chakradhara territory but they were just 9 months old at that time

In September 2011, Kankati gave birth to 3 cubs they were now the eye-catching animals of the “Chakradhara”.

In the end of 2013, an unknown male tiger came in the territory of Kankati. He killed two sub-adult cubs of Kankati.

Researchers predicted that a male tiger is wandering in this area and he wanted to Kankati

In June 2014, that male tiger attacked on the Kankati and he killed her. He also killed her 3 months old cubs.

This tiger when identified by the rangers then they became surprised as this tiger was the male cub of Langdi.He killed Kankati and her cubs thus he took the revenge of his mother’s death.