The Legendary IFS Officer who adopted a Tigress as his own Daughter

Saroj Raj Choudhary’s wife Mrs. Nalini used to feed the tigress “Khairi” as her own daughter. She also used to play with her and gives the tigress a motherly love and care.

Khairi became a ‘free-living family member’ at Choudhury’s official bungalow in Jashipur and she was fed with mutton and milk powder, slept on their beds and often played with them.

Mr. Choudhary and his wife loved their animals so much but specially “Khairi” was their favourite

Few people know that he eliminated a number of man-eater tigers in Odisha during the 1960s

By the time passes, Khairi became older. Mr. Choudhary tried to locate Khairi in the forest but she refused it and always returned to their shelter.

She had contracted rabies after being bitten by a stray rabid dog

had to be put to death through rare euthanasia.