Number 10 lulu, the pig lulu, Her new humans, Jack and Joanne Salzman fell in love with her and she with them. One day while camping in the Northwoods of Chris Kyle Pennsylvania, Joanne felt a pain in her chest and her left arm went numb, recognizing this to be a heart attack, She began to cry for help.

Number nine It shows his neighbor's dog Riley a black lab mix attacking a large bear in their backyard stine. Zaino was in his garage chasing down a rat snake and had no idea the bear was even in his yard. Riley is seen racing into the yard and slamming himself into the bear, which scrambled to escape. Riley's cry for help.

Number eight Tara The Cat Tara gained some fame in 2014 after saving one of her humans, when the Labrador chow mix named scrappy came from behind and began biting the boy' The dog began shaking the boy and dragging him down the driveway when, Tara through her whole body weight against the dog and chasedRiley's cry forhelp.

Number seven Todd versus snake Paula Arizona Godwin failed to see a rattlesnake on the path in front of them. The snake coiled to attack and with some quick thinking, the six month old puppy jumped in front of the attacking serpent and protected his human. Todd sustained a nasty bite to the face but was quickly taken to the hospital

number six max. One night, as Farrell was sleeping peacefully, a wall heater malfunctioned, filling his house with dangerous carbon monoxide max knew exactly what to do to save his elderly human. The dog grabbed Farrell by his arm and dragged him out of bed down the hall into the kitchen where Farrell awoke startled, 

number five Socko. dog Socko, a King Shepherdl. Only phillips Garcia and Socko survived. They were both ejected from the vehicle and phillips Garcia was very badly injured.

Number four Lucky penny Brenda and her Labrador Penny. That's when they spotted the woman in the water. It had rained the day before the river had swelled and the current was rushing by. In an act of quick thinking, Brenda commanded Penny to fetch the obedient Penny didn't hesitate to jump into the torrent and rescue the woman dragging her to shore. Brenda assisted her dog and found out that the woman was still breathing.

Number three Kelsey, His golden retriever Kelsey heard his cries and came to help. She barked endlessly and kept bob warm throughout the night. From 10:30 p.m. To around 6:30 p.m. New Year's Day bob lay in the snow while temperatures dropped to 24 degrees.

Number two dories. The rabbit, it was thought to be a Flemish giant was able to save her human as he fell into a diabetic coma. Simon struggle of Cambridge shire.

Number one,  peculiar parrots. A Quaker parrot named Willie once protected his family's youngest while she was having a snack. Two year old Hannah began to turn blue and Willie began raising a ruckus to alert his owner. Megan Howard, Willie began saying mama baby over again until Howard came to check on the bird.