Types of Dragonflies

#Darners Commonly described as large with a black body and blue spots.

#Gliders are the most widespread dragonflies in the world.

The #saddlebag is found all around the U.S., Canada, and south of Mexico.

#sythemistidae has about forty-three species.

#Macromiidae are considered as the subfamily of Corduliidae – green-eyed skimmers.

#libellulidae is considered to be the world’s largest dragonfly family.

#corduliidae dragonfly species is also known as “Emerald Dragonfly.” The reason they are called emerald dragonfly is due to their green eyes.

#Chlorogomphidae Dragonfly This is a small family of dragonflies that belong to the Anisoptera suborder.

#Neopetalia Punctata These dragonflies are popular in Chile and Argentina

#cordulegastridae  consists of 1 genus and 9 species, found in the eastern and western parts of North America.

#Austropetaliidae Dragonfly These dragonflies boast a medium or large body, are brown in color, and have silvery white to transparent wings.

#Gomphidae Dragonfly Commonly referred to as Clubtail dragonfly these species belong to the Odonata order.

#Petaluridae Dragonfly Apparently, these dragonflies happen to be the oldest in the world and came into existence some 150 million years ago.

#Aeshnidae Dragonfly Commonly known as hawkers, these dragonflies are common in North America