Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
Vastu Tips For Disease Control

One Of The Major Tip to avoid Illness in Life ” YOU SHOULD KEEP BALANCE IN NNE


“Red Color in NNE Cause Weak Immunity Thus Causes so many Not curable Illness Such Like Cancer

HIV and So on”

 “Toilet in NNE Cause Draining Health”

A beautiful little girl with cancer takes a break from treatment. She is sitting near

a large bay of windows in the hospital’s corridor. The girl is wearing a headscarf and is hugging a stuffed rabbit toy.

She is looking out the window with a peaceful expression.

“Extended or Road Hit on SSW(South of South West) also cases Illness Wastage increase Expenditure.

    Disclaimer:–> Above Knowledge is Based on What i Learn From Mahavastu and not Clamming to Cure all Disease Thus i can only give you Suggestion not Treatment. 

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