Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
Placing Globe in North West Direction Ensures Support

I was Worried About the Mistake in Property Documents because i wan’t to Apply for a  Loan on my 

Property But Bank Says Some Direction Error Sees in Your Property Document You Have To Solve this

By Meeting Your Previous Property Owner.

Everything was ok but i Purchased the House from him Almost 15 Years Ago and i was not in touch

 With Him How could i Find Out Him Without Any Footmap or Contact Number That was the Real

 Problem to Find Him.

Any How i Contact him and Tell Everything About the Property Documents he Was Agree but not 

ready to come he says every time i will come soon but not arriving here time passed almost 2 months. 

Than i See in one of the Video of Vastu that Placing Globe in North West Direction Ensures Support

 From the World(Any How).

Vastu Consultancy +91-7300497893

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