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Direction In Vaastu

There are 16 Directions in Vaastu,

Which Is As Follows:–>

 Direction                                      Attributes

N.E (North East)                          {Mind, Clarity}

E.N.E (East of North East)          {Fun and Recreation}

E (East)                                         {Social Connection}

E.S.E (East of South East)            {Churning, Anxiety}

S.E (South East)                            {Cash, Flow}

S.S.E (South of South East)          {Power and Confidence}

S (South)                                        {Fame, Relaxation}

S.S.W (South of South West)         {Disposal, Expenditure}

S.W (South West)                           {Relationship, Skill}

W.S.W (West of South West)          {Learning, Saving}

W (West)                                         {Gains, Fulfillment, Communication with Space }

W.N.W (West of North West)         {Depression and Detoxification}

N.W(North West)                            {Banking, Support}

N.N.W (North of North West)         {Sex and Attraction}

N (North)                                         {Money Opportunity and Growth}

N.N.E (North of North East)           {Health and Immunity}

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