Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
Recevie Support From Friend

Hello Friends i Belongs From Middle Class Family and don’t have any Support to Grow in Life i was 

Very Depressed at that movement when i feel like i am lonely No one is With me…….

One Time i Loose my Pasense and Dicide to do Some Wrong Step But Due to My Mother’s Blessings 

i Surrvive Those Days ………Time Passed (IN 2012)

Than i See MahaVastu Video in Which They Suggesting that Place Running Horses in The Direction of 

NW(North West) ………..

i Do Accordingly and you Don’t Believe After 21 Days of Placing this Picture my Whole Life Changed 

Suddenly Every One Starts Supporting me And i was amazed why this is happening With me?

Than I realize this is all due to this Running Horses Painting in NW.

Why 21 One Days i will Cover This Question in Our Next Blog.

Thanks to KB Sir and Mahavastu Team.

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