Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
Case Study How Road Hit On North (Money & Opportunity) Provides Carrier Satisfactions

I am Taking About My Elder Brother We Lives in Rental House Recently Shift his House to this House 

who have Road Hit On North (Money & Opportunity), As we Learn In Mahavastu Road Hit on Any

 Direction (Zone) Will Increases the Power of the Zone.

So, In this Case it Enhance the Power of North Direction Attributes Which is Money And Opportunity,

After 3 Months of Sifting he Got a Huge Opportunity for the post of Deputy Manager By Reference.

Now, He Becomes So Happy.

I see this all from the Prospective of Vastu and clearly Understand Why this Happens.

This is all Due to Knowledge I Earn from KB Sir From YouTube, Thanks to KB Sir.

Vastu Consultancy +91-7300497893

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