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The squalling substance which is used in corona medicine and other medicines, every year 12 lacs Shark is being killed for this Squalene.

The formula has been made by Jodhpur scientist, the formula has been made from vegetables and Rajasthan soil.

The Squalene is very precious which is sold 10 lakh rupees per kg the research of professor Rakesh Sharma will be beneficial for whole humanity.

previously we found squalene from the liver of shark for squalene many Shark are being killed all over the world ,near about hundred to 150 ml squalene is found in every sark.

The squalene is used to make cosmetic products like sunscreen, face cream, lipstick extra.

Does qualin is used in making of corona medicine and also in burned cases.

we don’t have any option of squalene because the product which are made by squalene it is impossible to make that product without squalene there are no other source of squalene this is found in only Shark fish liver.

there is no restriction in Europe killing sark fish.

Professor sharma says in the year 2019 near about 12 to 13 lacs of Shark fish was killed for squalene.

There was no other source for squalene nor any other substitute available in the world.

That that is why professor Rakesh Sharma made this possible in IIT laboratory wild herbs are used to make squalling these herbs are of no use Rajasthani soil also helps to grow the herbs like dhatura, AaC, Ratanjot and khazadi.

In past bio field medicines and purifier is also made from Rajasthani soils.


That home eatable things which is thrown by the house wise and that field waste which is also thrown.

the use of these things made it possible to make bio feel by professor Sharma which can be used in diesel motors.

Solid lubricants

Prepared from Rajasthani soil solid lubricant can tolerate upto 1100 degree temperature this is used in space automobiles and cement industries.

Treatment of Parkinson

in Aljamier and Parkinson desease asitial colen is less in the brain.

through Rajasthani Soil carbon nanotube Berlin mixed component and processed and made essential colen if you smell this its quantity quantity is increased in the brain and you will recovers from the disease.

Mud purifier

water small container is made by ordinary mud vase put some foreign bubul leaves and some other chemicals the water which passes through container cleans fluoride, nitrate, gorrate and assited calcium and magnesium absorb it.

The product has been patented by professor Rakesh Sharma he has patented some other products also.

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