Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Taliwan government has changed its tone.

the foreign ministry of Afghanistan Aamir Khan ki side in an interview that his old enemy America and other Western countries can have friendship relation with taleban and he is not in oppose.

Afghanistan are facing problems world member should have come forward to help Afghanistan new government in Afghanistan is bound to girl education women will get preference in government jobs.

America master release fund of 75000 thousands coroe at once.

This amount was seized by the America when taleban capture on Afghanistan.

he said that there is no profit in imposing ban on Afghanistan taleban government is not as before we have changed much in our selves.

today in ten States girls of 12th class 6 going to school and has not done his work with Revenge with anyone he expected that there was some mistake by the taleban government in the first month after capturing over Afghanistan.

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