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Many times our body is muscular and joint pains given warm therapy or cold therapy to get relief from pain.

This therapy is given to get relief in pain but which therapy is useful in which paint only few people knows this fact.

Work of Heat bags

The blood circulation increases where heat back therapy is given at joints or muscular pain if blood circulation is good then tissues will get sufficient blood supply and can get relief in pain.

There are two types of therapy dry heat and moisture heat dry heat means heat given through cloth or heating pad.

Moisture heat means drench Cloth in hot water and than Therapy is given, Moisture heat is more effective because it quickly reaches into the tissues.

we can get good result in less time steam therapy can also be given for example steam bath.

work of cold bag

Throughout cold therapy in the place where blood passes through vessels it shrinks thus the blood flow there becomes slow.

Cold therapy

If there is swelling or if there is pain in legs then the cold back therapy is given in such case one should not take hot therapy of at least 48 to 72 hours if hot therapy is given then the pain and swelling would increase.

if while running playing or doing exercise aur by falling if there is a sprain or heart then it should be given cold therapy for two or three days this called back therapy should be given 5 to 10 minutes at one time.

If there is a swelling in any part of the body with heart and if there has become wounded for example by rubbing it has become wound.

then I should not be used directly for cold therapy cold therapy should be around the wound be better to use ice therapy for cold therapy.

you can also put some ice in a polythene and use it as ice bag for is because of exercise it is advised to take cold therapy.

if spelling is because of exercise it is advised to take cold therapy.

tendonitis(tissue that joins the muscles with the bones has swelling) do not take hot therapy it is advised to take cold therapy.

Hot Therapy

if there is old pain in joints or muscles pain or stiffness it is advised to take hot therapy.

if you are heart or there is a swelling since long time or there is a pain at the heart place for long time or there is a muscles pain and stiffness it is advised to take hot back therapy.

when pain is in hill it is better to take hot water therapy.

surgery aur after operation it is advised by the doctor to take hot pack therapy for muscular pain or stiffness in the body.

while doing hot water therapy put the heart part of body in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes and after that take it out from hot water after sometime do the same process again and again until you will get permanent relief.

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