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What priceless antique did the Hateful Eight destroy?

Which company has lost more than 250,000,000 dollars per day because of a typographical error?

We examine the 10 most costly mistakes in history.

#10 The Millenium Bridge

Millenium madness has stricken.

Everything from the Guinness Book to pop music videos was within reach of the future.

World Records was already available.

London built a bridge to celebrate this historic occasion.

The River Thames is a river unlike any other.

Perhaps they thought too far into the future. The resulting, appropriately named, was a result of that.

Millenium Bridge was shut down just two days after it opened in June 2000.

The bridge was a suspension steel footbridge that swayed as pedestrians crossed it

It was opened on the first day.

The bridge was shaken by the movement of the people who crossed it.

Small rocking movements along the structure.

The subconscious effect of this bridge’s pedestrian traffic increased as more people crossed it.

A mass of people was stepping in unison with the rocking, creating a rapidly increasing danger.

The 23.6 million dollar investment was increased by an additional 6.5million as adjustments were made

This was done to correct the oversight.

#9 Riverside Apartment Crash Regardless of your culture, there is a place for you.

There is something magical about living next to a river unless it is a romantic river.

Seeps can cause your home to collapse.

2009 saw the collapse of Block 7 at the Lotus Riverside apartment complex, in Shanghai, China.

ground, just narrowly missing other apartments.

The thirteen-story building was being constructed beneath a parking garage.

It was water from the nearby riverbed that seeped into the soil beneath the building.

The hollow foundation, the displaced soil and the muddy foundation below created a perfect storm.

The structure collapsed into a huge Jenga failure.

The accident caused one death and millions of dollars in revenue loss for the complex.

At more than $2,000 per sq meter, it found that there were few to no tenants to rent the space.

Afterwards, you will be billed the appropriate price.

#8 Hateful 8 Guitar Incident: Jennifer Jason Leigh, actress, was at the

Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight was allowed to play a great part.

A valuable six-string dating back to the 1870s is on loan from Martin Guitar Museum.

Kurt Russell was not told by anyone.

Russell takes down the guitar in the film, for those who haven’t seen it (spoiler alert).

A scene in which Leigh (who played his criminal prisoner) encourages him to lash out in anger

Crew members present on set that day claim Russell was supposed to be playing

The scene would continue as usual. However, the scene would be cut to show the guitarist being used as a prop.

Russell continued the scene as scripted and shattered the silence.

It is also very antique.

The Martin Guitar Museum resolved to never again be destroyed by this accidental destruction.

Hollywood needs another piece of you.

The crew managed to capture the scene on video and were able to use it.

The film also features Leigh’s real reaction to Russell’s annihilation.

invaluable period piece.

#7 SNCF Railway Goof A stunning railway system throughout

France’s national train operators, SNCF, decided that the country needed an upgrade.

In the early 2000s.

SNCF purchased 2,000 new trains at a cost exceeding twenty billion dollars.

The French train was not built and delivered until after the trains were constructed.

The operator realized that they had made a big mistake.

The new trains are too large for their size, measuring only ten to 20 centimetres.

They are their tracks.

These plans were based on newer railway specifications.

Neither did they account for a large number of railways in the country.

To widen the tracks, it was necessary to spend an additional sixty-eight million dollars.

This only covered a small portion of the railways.

It was also discovered that they were too tall to be allowed into Italy.

train tunnels!

French taxpayers continue to foot the bill for the SNCF’s costly mistake.

#6 The Isaac Peral Submarine. In 2013, it was revealed that S-80 had been created.

The Spanish had also built a few sub-satellites, but it was a little difficult.

After the high-profile event, the S-81 Isaac Peral was the first submarine to be completed.

Spanish naval captain had 680 million dollars invested to develop it.

A staggering three billion dollars were also invested in the project.

There are also three more submarines!

The problem was that the first one could not even float.

This undersea vessel, which was 75-100 tons overweight, required a plan.

The Spanish Navy was able, for 18 million dollars per submarine to increase the size

The hulls of the submarine have been made larger, heavier, and longer by adding new hull designs.

They could at least float!

They ran into another problem: the new designs made it too big for the submarines.

The Spanish Navy’s holding pen.

In 2018, it was estimated that 18 million dollars more would be required.

Also, the holding areas needed to be upgraded!

#5 The Lost Euromillions Ticket Across All Countries, Los Angeles to London

People love to play the lottery.

Everybody who plans tends to have a quirk, trick, or secret to their success.

You are the winner.

One elderly lady in England had a habit of recording her thoughts, as was the case with another.

Each set of numbers she wrote down before handing out the ticket for Euromillions was included in the final list.

She will pass it on to her husband.

After filling out her entry, and with the winning ticket still unclaimed, she received her winning ticket one week later.

She decided to cross-reference the winning numbers with her own and check out the winning numbers.

She had 181 million dollars recorded that week!

Her husband, who had been running the errand for his wife for many years, had decided to end it.

I tossed the ticket in the trash thinking that it was just another pipe dream, like all the others before.

At the time, the winning ticket was the largest jackpot in Euromillions history.

#4 Apple’s Amazing Bargains One of the greatest innovators in modern computer technology,

Apple rose from humble beginnings into the superpower they are today.

Their success was a result of hard work and clever design, with a few luck-based breaks.

They did it at the expense and benefit of others.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack were co-founders at Apple in April 1976.

The third partner to supervise mechanical engineering and documentation for the young company.

Ronald Wayne, an engineer who had previously worked for Jobs at Atari was to serve.

As the veteran supervisor, Jobs and Wozniack are nearly two decades older than me.

He is more than him.

Wayne joined the company just 12 days later in return for a ten per cent stake.

It was cold.

Jobs borrowed 15 thousand dollars to pay off one of his early orders.

Wayne was the only one among the three with assets. He also had no money saved.

be left with the financial burden.

He sold his 10% share, now worth 80 billion dollars.

He sold it to Jobs and Wozniack, for just 800 dollars.

Apple was blessed with another chance in 1979 when Steve Jobs visited the Xerox headquarters.

in depth.

Jobs enabled the exchange of 100 000 shares of Apple stock for a price

One million dollars and the chance to tour PARC, Xerox’s Palo Alto Research


Jobs, a PARC tour guide, discovered the Xerox Alto personal computer during one of these visits.

This was done by using a mouse to control the cursor on the screen.

It could switch between windows quickly and be capable of sending emails.

The world’s first Ethernet network is now available inside the building.

Jobs was both happy and frustrated that Xerox hadn’t done much with the technology.

Jobs shouts during the presentation of Alto, “Why aren’t you doing something?”

With this?

This is the best thing.

This is revolutionary!

Two years later, the Alto was put on sale. It failed due to its slow and inefficient operation.


Xerox would eventually leave the personal computer market.

But what about jobs?

Apple and he had larger plans. Lisa, Apple’s 1983 release featured a mouse and other similar products.

Functions to the Alto for less than seven thousand dollars

Although this wasn’t a big hit, the IBM personal computers cost less than before.

A chain of events would eventually lead to the creation of the highly-grossing Apple Macintosh


#3 The Walkie Talkie On Fenchurch Street in London

A large skyscraper looks great in the historic financial district. It has a bulbous top section.

Below, look down at the streets of the city.

The 38-story building was built at a cost of more than $1.5 million. It is also known as the Walkie-Talkie because of its unusual shape.

The building is unique among London’s skyline and provides an interesting look.

When the first building was completed, it was obvious that there was an issue with the original design.

The glass’ concave shape reflected the sun’s glare on the mirror.

Those are the focal points.

The result was temperatures that ranged from 196 to 234 degrees Fahrenheit.

These extreme temperatures caused vehicle damage and even scorched nearby business owners.

Doormat and reporter reporting on the effects of Walkie Talkie were able to fry an eggs

In the glare from the skyscraper, on the ground

A temporary fixture was quickly erected to stop such an effect from happening again.

#2 Mizuho Securities Stock Typo Typing Not everyone can type fluently.

If you’re not careful, everyone will make mistakes at some point.

However, one Japanese company Mizuho Securities employee couldn’t afford it.

To make the typo he did.

A single stock share is to be sold at approximately 610 000 yen (or $5,000).

The unnamed employee committed the greatest error when he mistakenly placed 610 000

Stock shares for sale for 1 yen each

Although the company tried to cancel the order through the Tokyo Stock Exchange, it was not possible.

Any order, even accidental.

The result was a loss of 255,000,000 dollars in just one day.

The company’s public perception of its value suffered a sudden but unintended decline.

#1 Alaska Purchase Originally a Mistake

The purchase of Alaska by the United States was fiercely contested in Congress.

Some consider the area to be cold and barren. They pay the purchase price.

Russia seemed expensive to other countries.

At a time when different branches of the US Federal government were at odds

It was difficult to get a majority of approval for the new territory when there were so many people.

Up north

Secretary of State William Henry Seward was able to negotiate the price

The purchase price is only two cents an acre

He met Baron Eduard de Stoeckl, the Russian minister to America, and they settled down

At the cost of 7.2 million dollars

This deal was dubbed “Seward’s Folly” (by opponents to the purchase).

Alaska’s natural resources make it a valuable destination.

The Land of the Midnight Sun continues to be a source of gold, oil, and other precious commodities.

Tenfold return on your initial investment of 7.2 million dollars

This purchase might have been called “Russia’s Folly”.

What would you do with the land if it were only two cents an acre?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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