Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
Mixed and Match Corona Vaccine

Near about 79% of risk is less in Mixed and Match Corona Vaccine.

How the Study was made?

In Sweden Corona’s First dose was given AstraZeneca and for those who took Second dose of MRNA, they were at less risk than others.

Why was the Study Made?

In Sweden AstraZeneca’s vector based vaccination was found risky, so its Vaccination was stopped for less than 65 year old.

Second dose was recommended as MRNA.

Power of Antibody

Previous Studies shows Mix and Match Vaccine brings Strong Immunity in the body.

W.H.O Says

Mix and Match Vaccine Result is Satisfactory but for wide use it is necessary to have complete Study on it.

Condition in India

Regulatory D.G.C.I Medical Collage has been permitted for Mix and Match Trial.

Trial is going on Covid-Shield and Co-vaccine.

In India Mix and Match Vaccine was given carelessly but there was no anti Effects seen till now.

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