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what makes the price of a luxury sports car so steep how rare are these

high-class hot rods find out as we take a look at nine of the most expensive

cars in the world!

Number nine the Aston Martin Vulcan

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with only 24 cars produced the Aston Martin

Vulcan is one of the rarest vehicles ever created by the British automotive

company housing its 7 litres naturally aspirated v12 engine is a sleek crafted

carbon-fibre body atop an aluminium alloy chassis

capable of reaching speeds of more than 200 miles per hour with an acceleration

power boasting a 0 to 60 sprint and 3 seconds flat the Vulcan is a track only

sports car which means the high-speed vehicle is not

legal to drive on public streets the one engineering company called the RM L

the group has been able to modify the vehicle to meet Road regulations and changes

like raising the height of the car altering the headlights and body design

and making minor engine tweaks took nearly 18 months to complete but changed

one Vulcan into a highway Hellion of a sports car the engine power output is

still, the same as it was before the modifications and the RM L group says it

can be reverted to racing form at any time the Vulcan was made with a

the starting price tag of 2.3 million dollars apiece and 2015 for the first

one of these vehicles to reach the United States is for sale in Cleveland

Ohio for 3.4 million dollars.

Number 8 the Bugatti Chiron produced in Multan

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France the Bugatti Chiron was crafted as a successor to the popular Veyron model

the vehicle was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 and was blue on

lookers away with its sleek design and monstrous speed capabilities brandishing

an impressive quad-turbocharged w16 engine the Chiron reaches a top power

the output of 1479 horsepower at 6700 revolutions per minute this sports car

has an electronically limited sealing to its

the speed at 261 miles per hour since no tires currently exist that could handle

the true maximum speed of the Chiron it even set a record in 2017 when it was

able to go from 0 to 249 to 0 miles per hour in a mere 40 1.96 seconds the

Bugatti Chiron was created in a much bigger batch than most cars on this list

with 200 units being sold before the first car was even delivered the

the popularity of the car took off thanks in part to its world record and intriguing

luck but also due to its excellent marketing in 2018 in conjunction with

Lego a1 to 8th scale model of the car was released for purchase to the public

to advertise it later that year a life-sized operational one-to-one scale

the model composed of more than 1 million LEGO pieces was unveiled and driven on a test

track by Bugattis official test driver well this one-of-a-kind Lego variant may

not be available to the public Chiron is available at a base market

price of 2.7 million dollars but is now listed anywhere from 3.4 to 4 million

dollars on the open market.

Number 7 limited edition Bugatti Veyron

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by man Sri Vidhya the most intriguing part about the Mansory Vivere edition of

the Bugatti Veyron is its carbon-fibre weep which stretches from the front

bumper across a hood in a stylish v-shape and back to the rear bumper as

well while 270 units of the Veyron were originally produced only for these

special editions customized by luxury automotive company man Zuri exist some

of the other features unique to these versions include a shortened bonnet

modified wings daytime LED lights newly developed side skirts and larger air

outlets almost all of which are made of hardened carbon fibre its quad

turbocharged 8-litre w16 engine is the same as a standard Edition and is most

likely similar to in terms of speed with a high of 253 points eight miles per hour

this extra carbon fibre iteration of the Bugatti Veyron is priced somewhere

between 2 five and 3.4 million dollars a car

depending on the seller of which there would be a maximum of two.

Number 6 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

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designed in his Italian concept car the Pininfarina

Sergio comes furnished with some of the more unorthodox features in this video

sporting and almost boat-like design the vehicle has a large roll bar that more

resembles a fraction of the roof it’s missing hanging from the roll bar the

two-seaters headrests making that portion of the seats more like a piece

of the exterior than the interior of the vehicle a storage locker within the

interior houses a pair of matching helmets to wear while riding in the

limited edition ruthless vehicle its open structure was crafted for

aerodynamic optimization allowing this lightweight machine to go from zero to

this list the look feel and design of this vehicle exude simplicity thanks to

his designer the late automotive architect Sergio Pininfarina only six of

these concept cars were produced for purchase and sold to hand-picked

customers for three million dollars apiece these versions of the

Pininfarina Sergio features some modifications from the original car

including the addition of a removable roof and a windshield.

Number 5 the Lycan Hypersport

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The lone non-European vehicle on this list is the like

Hypersport represents the ingenuity and high-class stylings of the United Arab

emirates this Lebanese-branded sports car was crafted with limited production

and is the first sports car to be designed and produced in the Middle East

and lichen made sure to build it with stop among its various features perhaps

the most lavish is the inclusion of embedded jewels and the headlights of

the car inside the hyper sports headlights are 420 diamonds 15 carats

each embedded within titanium LED blades

these can be exchanged for rubies sapphires or speciality diamonds as well

by buyers at their leisure the interior of the vehicle

utilizes gold stitching on the seats and a holographic display in the centre

the console is used to control the vehicle via interactive motion features

its twin-turbocharged flat-six engine can produce a maximum output of 780

horsepower and reach a top speed of 245 miles per hour in only seven of the

vehicles have been reportedly produced and one of the first to buy one of these

vehicles were the Abu Dhabi police force that’s a whole lot of money for one

police force to spend on a single vehicle as the lykan Hypersport cost

about 3.4 million dollars per vehicle but hey just try to speed in that city

chances are against this car you won’t get far.

Number 4 McLaren p1 LM

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built to commemorate the 20th anniversary of

their win at the 1995 24 hours of the limo the 63rd Grand Prix of endurance McLaren

had hoped to honour the race-winning f1 GTR and the p1 GTR and in 2015 the vehicle

was produced with a limit of 40 units and was made to be a track-ready race

car but in 2016 another British automotive company called lans amp

motorsport commissioned McLaren to build six additional versions of the car that

would be suitable for Road legality for these new versions of the p1 engineers

replaced the hardware in the sports car to increase power output made some

major changes to the body to increase downforce and removed unnecessary

elements to reduce weight and then they added a twin-turbocharged v8 engine

larger than those in the p1 and p1 GTR the resulting vehicle has a top speed of

each five of the six vehicles have been sold to the public with the six still

and MacLaren’s possession for further testing and research on the speedy

street racers’ full capabilities.

Number 3 Lamborghini Veneno roadster

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Lamborghini has a penchant for designing futuristic-looking cars equipped with

sleek almost otherworldly bodies the Italian company

took their alien stylings to the next level though with the introduction of

the Veneno roadster is composed of a fully carbon-fibre monocoque meaning the

chassis X is integrated into the body of the vehicle this car comes with no

roof not even a removable or retractable

version the rest of the vehicle is majorly carbon-fibre as well including

body panels and parts of the interior like seat backs under the hood the

Veneno roadster shelter is a 740 horsepower 6.5-litre v12 engine capable

of hitting a maximum speed of 221 miles per hour going from zero to 62 miles per

hour in 2.9 seconds this arrow-shaped speed demon is the amalgamation of

various other Lamborghini features and as such has taken these prime upgrades

it’s the reason for its exorbitant price tag of a bit more than 4.5 million

dollars this low-right future car has been strapped with as many features as

possible to make it worth its asking price well except for a roof.

Number-2 koenigsegg ccxr trevita

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originally designed to be a limited edition 3 unit

release this iteration of the Koenigsegg cancer took a whole lot of time effort and

money to manufacture while its powerful engine sleek design and high-class name

make this ride a truly luxurious item that sets the trivia apart from

other cars are its unique white carbon fibre design before its development

cars were only capable of featuring carbon-fibre elements in the shade of

classic matte black but the Swedish Koenigsegg developed a unique process

for coating the carbon fibre in a solution I turn the material into a silvery

white that twinkles like a billion small diamonds in the sunlight because of this

the highly unique but time-exhausting process they were instead only two

trivia manufactured and made available for 4.8 million dollars each

it’s not just about the bodywork though as this carbon-fibre sports car is also

capable of accelerating from zero to 62 miles per hour and to

point nine seconds and if that’s not enough the travina can exert 1.5 G’s of

force on passengers as it reaches top speeds of 254 miles per hour or more.

Number 1 mercedes-benz Maybach Exelero

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with a whopping price tag of 8 million dollars, the most expensive car on this list is none other than the

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero this German-built sports car was constructed

as a one-off and commissioned by the tire company fold a subsidiary of Goodyear

unveiled in 2005 the Exelero was developed to showcase fold as high

performance tire range the two-door coupe was built with a twin-turbo v12

engine and reaches a top speed of 218 miles per hour as per the stipulations

of the tire company equally as impressive as its speed capabilities are

its acceleration as a vehicle can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour and only 4.4

seconds while rumours have circulated that rappers such as jay-z or Birdman

might have purchased the only extant unit the last known owner of the Exelero

is either a European entrepreneur named Arnaud Masaryk or Mercedes-Benz

restoration company mechatronic reports tend to vary over the years as tracking

a single one-of-a-kind vehicle in the world can be like trying to find an

eight million dollar needle in a haystack if money weren’t any concern

which of these vehicles would you want to own let us know in the comments below!

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