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In this article we are going to talk about the top 12 best turtles for pets.

Turtles and tortoises can be such a joy for children and adults.

Some are very friendly and personable, which makes them that much more fun to have as pets but the problem lies with proper care and their long life span.

It’s very important to do your research before getting a pet turtle authors as they are big commitments.
You need to be informed before you decide whether or not you will be able to properly care for one.
Choosing a pet turtle or tortoise.

You may be trying to decide whether you want a turtle or tortoise as a pet.

Both are amazing choices but you should know that clear difference before deciding.

While there are hundreds of different turtle species in the world not all of them make good pets .

Some grow way too big for domestication while others may be illegal to own.

You need to do your research before acquiring a turtle.

Here is a list of the best pet turtles out there.

These turtles are trouble-free, easy to care for and gorgeous.

12. Central American Wood Turtle

Central American Wood Turtle
Central American Wood Turtle

Wood turtles are found throughout most of Western Mexico all the way to Costa Rica.

There are four subspecies of wood turtle, but The ornate wood turtle is most commonly seen in captivity.

Of all the subspecies The ornate wood turtle lives in the most tropical environments and is known for its brilliant red stripping.

These turtles cab make intelligent and personable pets.

11. Red Ear Slider Turtle

Red Ear Slider Turtle
Red Ear Slider Turtle

The Red-Eared Slider derives its name from the distinct patch of red behind each eye.

It is most often found from Illinois to the gulf of Mexico and from the east coast to Western Texas.

It is a strong swimmer and prefers to be around Marshes, ponds, and other slow moving freshwater.

As pets, red-eared sliders can be slow to trust, but become personable with time.

They Can live anywhere from 50 to 70 years.

10. African Aquatic Side neck Turtle

African Aquatic Side neck Turtle
African Aquatic Side neck Turtle

These freshwater turtles were originally discovered in eastern and Southern Africa.

They make great pets because they are most active during the daytime, and are easily acquired Since they are not on the endangered species list.

These aquatic turtles can live up to 25 years, can grow anywhere from 8 to 18 inches long, and have webbed feet.

9. Reeve’s Turtle

Reeve's Turtle
Reeve’s Turtle

The range of the Reeve’s Turtle extends across Central and eastern China, North and South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.
These turtles inhabit ponds, Lakes and small streams, preferring slow-moving or still water with a soft bottom and lots of Vegetation.

They make excellent pets because they breed well in captivity and mature at a manageable size of about 9 inches.
In captivity the can be expected to live for 10 to 15 years.

8. Caspian pond Turtle

Caspian pond Turtle
Caspian pond Turtle

Hailing from the Middle East, the Caspian pond turtle is distinguished by its tan or olive with yellow or green patterning on its shell, arms and head.

Do it to return to the water if startled these water turtles are very personable turtles and quickly learn to recognize their keepers.

7. Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle
Painted Turtle

The painted turtle is the most widespread turtle in North America.

They can be found from Southern Canada to Northern Mexico and from the east coast to the west.

Like many totals they are active during the day and Hibernate during the winter.

Adult females range in size from 4 to 10 inches in length; males are generally smaller.

In The Wild they can live for more than 55 years.

6. Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle
Eastern Box Turtle

As their name implies, the eastern box turtle is found in the eastern United States.

They are very prevalent in North Carolina,
Where they are the state reptile.

They are slope crawlers slow to mature and can live up to hundred years in the wild.

Do they have much shorter lives in captivity.

They can be difficult to keep as pets, as the required high humidity, warmth, suitable substrate for growing and access to ultraviolet light yet they remain a popular choice.

5. Mississippi Map Turtle

Mississippi Map Turtle
Mississippi Map Turtle

The Mississippi Map Turtle is named for its map like markings and can be found in the Mississippi Valley down into the Gulf States in most rivers, lake and streams.

They tend to stay in moving water rather than farm ponds and creeks.

They prefer large flowing bodies of water like rivers and are avid buskers.

They are easy keepers but need excellent water quality.

The Mississippi map turtle is a popular pet in the United States.

4. Greek Tortoise

Greek Tortoise
Greek Tortoise

The Greek Tortoise (also called the spur-thighed tortoise) hails from North Africa, Southern Europe and Southwest Asia.

They mature between 5 and 8 inches and can be one of the longest living tortoise, some have been reported living well into their hundreds.

However in the wild there rarely live past 20 due to predators.

The Greek Tortoise spends much of its time grazing.

While they do not like to be held, they tend to become very responsive to their keepers, and are known for being easy-going, friendly and interactive.

3. Red-Footed Tortoise

Red-Footed Tortoise
Red-Footed Tortoise

These tortoises are native to the Southernmost parts of Panama through Argentina, Columbia and Brazil.
They live in tropical forests.

Humidity is a must with these species.

If you don’t have proper humidity, tortoise will experience pyramiding, which is irreversible.

This species is a larger tortoise that can grow up to 16 inches in length which means it will require a rather large enclosure.

They actually do best when housed outdoors.

Red foot Tortoises have an average lifespan ranging from 30 to 50 years, so these are truly a commitment.

The diet of Red-Footed Tortoise includes fresh vegetables, fruits and proteins.

You want to provide proteins starting at 6 months old.
Just once a week.

2. Russian Tortoise

Russian Tortoise
Russian Tortoise

The range of the Russian tortoise includes south-eastern Russia eastern Iran Northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Maturing at 8 to 10 inches these tortoises are feisty, eager to eat and relatively active for a tortoise.

Female Russian tortoise can start to lay eggs when she’s just 4.5 inches long.

They are also burrowers, and have a high tolerance for temperature extremes, making them easy to care for and fun as pets.

This particular tortoise species can live for more than 40 years.

1. Yellow-Footed Tortoise

Yellow-Footed Tortoise
Yellow-Footed Tortoise

This is a rather large tortoise that can grow up to around 15 inches on average.

They are native to the Amazon basin in South America, usually in drier forest areas.
These tortoises can be quite personable but they can be shy.
They may often retreat into their shells.

Their environment could feature some type of hiding spot.

This can double as an area where they can cool off as well.
This tortoise is mostly an herbivore.

You can feed them romaine, Kale, squash, carrots and Melon.
Choosing the right Turtle for your Home.

If you are considering bringing a turtle into your home, do your research.

There is much more to learn about these species of turtles and because turtles can live for years you will want to make sure that you choose the right species for your home.

Each different type and turtle species has its own unique requirements for shelter, food, water source and even levels of heat and humidity.

You will need to consider whether you can provide the Turtle with the right environment here at home.

Don’t capture wild species if you are looking for a tortoise or turtle for a pet you should look into adopting one from a local animal rescue.

Do not under any circumstances capture a wild specimen as a pet.

Which species do you think makes the perfect pets?
Let us know in the comments below!

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