Top 9 Longest Cats #9: Burmese Cat

#8: Persian Cat The Persian cat was first exported to Europe in the early 17th century

#7: Siberian Cat ust like the Persian, the body of the Siberian cat can easily reach up to 18 inches long and sometimes even more.

#6: Chausie The Chausie ranks among the largest domestic cat hybrids in the world.

#5: Norwegian Forest Cat The Norwegian Forest Cat, which probably descended from an ancient breed of short-haired cats brought to Norway by Vikings around 1000 AD

#4: Ragamuffin The Ragamuffin was once considered to be a variant of the Ragdoll

#3: Ragdoll The Ragdoll easily ranks among the longest types of cat breeds in the world.

#2: Savannah Cat The Savannah qualifies as the largest domestic cat hybrid in the world

#1: Maine Coon The Maine Coon consistently takes the spot for the biggest domestic cat breed in the world.