Emperor Scorpion For beginners, the most universally recommended scorpion species to keep as a pet is the emperor scorpion.

Tanzanian Red-Clawed Scorpion It also tends to be more aggressive and willing to sting than the emperor scorpion, so it is not recommended for beginners. But its venom is mild like a bee sting.

Malaysian Black Scorpion The Malaysian black scorpion is a large, rainforest-dwelling species that is harder to find Its venom is mild, just causing localized pain and inflammation in most cases

Javanese Jungle Scorpion it is fairly aggressive and territorial. These scorpions are most likely to protect themselves with their strong claws, and they also feature a stinger with mild venom.

Desert Hairy Scorpion Desert hairy scorpions are found in the southwestern United States. As pets, they tend to be skittish but will assume a defensive posture if provoked. Their venom is more potent than that of the emperor scorpion, making a sting quite painful, so they are not recommended for beginners.

Large-Clawed Scorpion Large-clawed scorpions prefer to use their powerful claws for defense, and they rarely sting.

Dictator Scorpion It has an impressively large body and powerful pincers. But it’s typically more timid than aggressive around people and will spend much of its time hiding in a burrow.

Asian Forest Scorpion It can be somewhat aggressive and territorial, and its sting is comparable to that of a hornet.