Top 10 World's Most Expensive Dogs Breeds

#Czechoslovakian Vlcak Breed was Engineered to assist with border Patrol in Czechoslovakia. Expect to pay Upwards of $10000.

#Saluki is a dog Breed originating in the Fertile crescent. The Price is around $2500.

#Peruvian Inca Orchid is Completely Hairless with an elephant gray skin Color. The Price is up to $3000 for a Hairless Peruvian.

The #Azawakh is Quite Lively and Need Lots of Physical activity and a caring owner in order to be truly joyful. The price is $3000 and up

The #akita is a large Breed of dog originating from the Northern Mountains of Japan. The price can go as high as $ 4500 for certain Akita Breeds.

#ROTTWEILERs are now used as Search and Rescue dogs, as guard dogs and police dogs. The price for certain blood lines is approximately $6000.

The #pharaoh Hound is a national Hound of Malta. It possesses high intelligence and athletic disposition. The price is approximately $6500.

The #Tibetan Mastiff can be as Tall as 33 inches and reach up to a whopping 160 pounds. The price for certain breeds in up to $7000.

#Samoyed These Dogs are Playful, Competitive, Strong and Alert. Expect to pay Upwards to $8000 for a Samoyed.

#Löwchens are Extremely rare now , by 19th Century Löwchens are Virtually Extinct. The Rarity of the Löwchen will Fetch Upwards to $10000.