12. Kiwi Thanks in part to the work of the New Zealand government, there are now around 1600 individuals in the wild.

11. Snowy Owl The Snowy Owl is currently considered 'vulnerable'.

10. Hooded Grebe During the first year of the mink's introduction, the population of the hooded grebe declined by half.

9. Kakapo Sadly, only 142 individuals are left in the wild as of 2019.

8. Ultramarine Lorikeets The bird used to inhabit almost every island within the Archipelago

7 .Regent Honeyeater Unfortunately it has been in decline since the late 20th century.

6. Fruit Dove The Mariana fruit dove is an Endangered bird native to Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands.

5. California Condor There are currently only 44 mature individuals in the wild,

4. Northern Bald lbis It is considered to be the rarest bird in the Middle East.

3. White-Rumped Vulture In 2019 the bird is still considered critically endangered.

2. Great Curassow The Great Curassow (C. rubra) is a large bird known for its odd, lingering Whistle-call.

1. African Grey Parrot The African Grey Parrot is a majestic and endangered bird.