Some Rare Types of Birds List #Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise

#Rufous-headed Hornbill This contrasts beautifully with the bird’s blue eyes and copper and black plumage.

#Kakapo Also called an “owl parrot,” the Kakapo can live up to 100 years.

#Imperial Amazon Parrot The imperial amazon is a big parrot, about 19 inches long

#Cebu Flowerpecker The Cebu flowerpecker is one of those types of rare birds whose colors don’t seem quite real.

#New Zealand Rock Wren One of the more unique bird species

#Golden Pheasant This is one of the most beautiful of rare types of birds and is native to western China.

#South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher There are three subspecies, and all of them are found only in the Philippines.

#Madagascar Pochard These rare types of birds were once considered extinct.

#Blue-eyed Ground-Dove Another unique bird species, this lovely dove is only found in Brazil’s Cerrado region