Queen Elizabeth II Tests Positive for COVID-19 The 95-year-old British monarch has been vaccinated and reportedly has only mild symptoms.

The royal basics Queen Elizabeth II is 95, and will turn 96 in April. While the monarch's health decisions are kept fairly private, she did make it public back in January 2021 that she'd received the COVID vaccine.

How serious is the queen's COVID? Coronavirus is bound to be tougher on the elderly, but the palace described the monarch as experiencing "mild cold-like symptoms" and said she expects to continue "light duties" at Windsor Castle during the week, noting "she will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all the appropriate guidelines." That's for sure.

What about those death rumors?Dayo Okewale, a chief of staff in Britain's House of Lords, told BNONews.com that the report about the queen's death from celebrity news outlet Hollywood Unlocked was "false,"

What happens if the queen does die? Five days after her death, the queen will lie in state for three days, with a state funeral at Westminster Abbey to follow. She will be buried in St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

King Charles will reign There's been some controversy about Charles' wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Due to Charles admitting that he had an affair with Camilla during his marriage to the much-beloved Diana, Princess of Wales, many Brits were unwilling to consider Camilla as the new Princess of Wales, much less imagine her as queen.

Queen Elizabeth II speaks with incoming Defence Service Secretaries Major General Eldon Millar at Windsor Castle on Feb. 16. The queen has tested positive for COVID

The queen is vaccinated and her symptoms have been mild, according to the statement, but the situation has forced some adjustments to her schedule.