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Hello, My Self Chandan Kumar Mishra I am Not a Certified Mahavastu Trainer But Whatever i Gain 

Knowledge From Mahavastu Founder Khusdeep Bansal JI Through You tube I would like to Share the 

Knowledge With You Guys . 

You Are Free to ask me Your Problems(Vastu Consultancy) and i will Guide you Accordingly i will not lie if i am not able to 

solve the Problem i Refuse to you .

As KB Sir Speaks Be Honest and see GOD starts helping you whenever you need Support From God.

Vaastu is all about living space relation with your Unconscious Mind.

However, We need to understand the brief knowledge about Conscious and Unconscious Mind,

Conscious Mind is judge mental whether Unconscious Mind Having power of discrimination

(Take Which is Relevant).

For Example if you look at this Image

The DOT Represents the Conscious Mind and What ever is left behind (The whole canvas)
Represents Unconscious Mind, Therefore Our Ancestors Realize the limitation of our Conscious Mind
So that the Whole Discovery happens upon Unconscious Mind in Which Vaastu is one of them.

In Vaastu we consider our Unconscious Mind Only, we don’t work on Conscious Mind.

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