Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
How Pink (Fire Element) Colur Increase Gain From Property and increase Banking

Yes I am Talking About My Elder Brother , who recently paint his house with Pink color in West

 (Property & Gain) , North West(Banking &Support).

As I Discussed About Cycle of Destruction in Last Article In Which i said Fire Destroys Space Element

So, there is a Creation of an Imbalance State in NW and W but Mahavastu Founder KB Sir  already told

 that if we put Kitchen(Fire Element) in West(Property & Gain) , North West(Banking &Support).

With Balance State Which Means What is In Between Fire And Space Element, The Answer is


 As we Learn this in Cycle of Creation Fire Produces Earth and than Again Earth Produces Space


So By Putting Yellow Color Strip or Yellow Stone under Stove we can Balance the thing.

But in My Elder Brother Case the Zone Was Balanced Already Because the portion of West and NW

Had Construction over their means two room align in the direction on roof which also act like Earth

 Element, Because the overhead house construction is act like Earth Element.

So , The Zone Was Balanced and after 3 three Months of coloring They Get Result.

They Successfully  Sell his Property in Desire Price.

 Thus Gains From Property Occur Due to Balance West Direction With Fire Element(Pink Color) and

 also they Rotate Money (Interest Business) for Sur Plus In come Which Again due to Pink Color(Fire

 Element).in Balance State in North West (Banking &Support)Direction.

I know this Kind of Knowledge All due to Khusdeep Bansal Sir’s Blessing(Founder of Mahavastu).

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