Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Central government is preparing to control crypto currency for this there is possibility to bring a bill to control cryptocurrency in the parliament in the winter season.

According to the report government may put restriction on private crypto currency.

According to to the reports highest investors of crypto are in India, more than 10 crore people have some type of cryptocurrency currency in India.

Investors are from two tier and three tier cities.

More than 600000 crore invested by Indians in cryptocurrency.

That is rising tension to the RBI.

Due to cryptocurrency the economic of country may have affected.

why government wants to bring this bill?

Government wants to bring the bill because of they want the investor’s money may be secured and there will be no doubt full advertisement.

It may control Terror funding, Money laundering and Hawala business so that cryptocurrency may not be used for these kind of purpose.

Challenges in front of government to regulate this crypto bill.

1. How to identify public and private crypto?

2. Those people who already have cryptocurrency in their wallets what will happen to them who will regulate them?

3. How much user have to pay on earning through cryptocurrency?

government organisations are doing their jobs to find out the answer of the above questions.

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