Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

On Saturday night episode one of the most famous dancing reality show India’s best dancer season 2 the special moment camps when superstars Neelam Kothari gives the good luck charm A Ring to the ‘sanket’ as a gift support and love.

After hearing about sanket father health condition the beautiful actress breaks down and become emotional on the sets of India’s best dancer season 2.

Actually sanket father’s health condition reminded her own father who recently passed away.

After sometime she told sanket you were outstanding, even though your circumstances are not well then also you performed very well you are such a great inspirational guy for me and for everybody.

see then also did prayer for sanket’s father and give a small gesture from his side.

She said that I have lost my father and I know how it feels. Keep it up sanket God bless you may your father gets well soon and comes here to see your performance live on the stage of India’s best dancer season 2.

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