Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

The Los Angeles Rams reigned victorious over the Cincinnati Bengals by a final score of 23-20 in Sunday’s thrilling Super Bowl LVI.

Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald made the game-winning play by defeating Bengals guard Quinton Spain in pass protection to apply pressure on Joe Burrow on a crucial fourth-and-one with under one minute to play as the Bengals were attempting to mount a game-tying or game-winning drive. Burrow essentially failed to get a pass off on the play due to Donald’s pressure and the Rams clinched the victory.

The Bengals surprisingly allowed Donald to go 1-v-1 against Spain on the play, and predictably, it ended poorly for Spain.

Ouch! For those unfamiliar, Spain had some choice words for Simmons following Tennessee’s postseason defeat to the Bengals.

We’re unsure why Spain felt comfortable talking trash after Simmons finished that game with three sacks while totally dominating the Bengals’ offensive line (Spain included) for four quarters. Oh well.

It seems like Simmons has been waiting for his moment, and with Spain essentially giving up the game-losing play in a Super Bowl, Simmons pounced on the opportunity. Epic.

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