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The Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake, also known as Texas Diamond Back Rattlesnake, is the most venomous snake found in the United States of America.

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It is a member of the Viper family. It is mainly found in the southwestern United States of America and New Mexico. These snake species are one of the deadliest in the World.
It is responsible for most of the snakebite problems in Northern Mexico and the greatest number of snakebites in the United States.
Its species is C. Atrox, class is Reptilia, the order is Squamata, family is Viperidae, the kingdom is Animalia, and it belongs to the
phylum Chordata.
The lifespan of Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake is about 20 years. It can weigh up to the weight of 7 kilograms. It can grow into a length of 5 to 5.5 feet. The longest Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake recorded was 7 feet long.

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These reptiles can also live in elevations below sea level up to 2000 meters inside the Earth. This species is located in the Southwestern United States and the Northern half of Mexico. Western Diamond Back Rattlesnakes are not threatened or endangered, according to IUCN.

This species is also known by the various names like Western Diamond-Backed Rattlesnake, Adobe Snake, Arizona Diamond Rattlesnake, Coon Tail, Desert Diamond-Back, and Desert Diamond Rattlesnake, Fierce Rattlesnake, Spitting Rattlesnake, Buzz Tail, Texan Rattlesnake, Texas Diamond-Back, and Texas Rattler.

It is probably the second largest Rattlesnake species after its close cousin, the Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake. It is also the second largest of North American venomous snakes.

A comprehensive study by Beavers (1976) on the prey of C. Atrox in Texas showed that 94.8% of their prey consisted of small mammals. Their prey includes Prairie Dogs, Kangaroo Rats, Pocket Gophers, Woodrats, Pocket Mice, White-footed Mice, Harvest mice, Fox Squirrels, Cotton Rats, and Ground Squirrels, Rabbits.
Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake’s mating occurs in the month of fall.

The females give birth to up to 25 young ones, which may be as long as 30 cm (12 in).

These young reptiles are fully capable of injecting a nasty bite from the moment they are born.

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