Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
The Number of Woman Increasing Worldwide that thinks not to Give Birth to a Child

Now a days the Number of Woman increasing in the World have tendency not to give birth to a child due to increase

of population and Environmental Danger.

They Says that the Motherhood can also be obtained through Adopting a Child, Many Celebrities and even Common

Woman thinks that they are also a complete woman without giving Birth to a Child.

Not Giving Birth to a Child also Helps in Controlling Population Which is Growing Rapidly and also effects the Sources

of the world which is decreasing rapidly.

Many Celebrity as Well as Common Woman thinks that they can help the poor Child by adopting them and help them


A Woman without Child must not be taken as Childless Woman but must be taken as Childfree Woman.

A married Woman named Radhika Shivranjan aged 26 decided with her husband not to give birth to a Child, Many

People’s asked her Who Will Look after you in Your Old Age? And She Says Six Years have passed we Both Husband

and Wife look After Each Other and this Will Continue Till our Old Age.

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