Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

In North Korea Kim Jong un crashed his opponents and created fear in the people crazy dictator on which America also could not put any restrictions on the 10th anniversary of his father he has put 10 days restriction on the whole country no one can laugh or drink wine for 10 days.

craziness at the time of corona period he sealed the border of his Country and put his people in the mouth of death.

He knew the consequences of sealing the border he knew that the people would die from starvation and face serious problems like lackof medicines but he didn’t bother about their problems.

The previous dictator of North Korea Kim Jung ILL on the 10th death anniversary of his father Kim jong-un has put ban on drinking wine and laughing for 10 days.

He has appealed be faithful to his father when Kim Jong ILL died at that time Kim Jung was 29 years old.

Specialist thought that he was small and had less experience he understand less to the army and workers party and soon he will be overthrown from his post.

Hence his life span was a sort they even thought that South Korea will capture North Korea Kim crushed international and satisfaction with his craziness he brought the army and other politicians on their knees and is running his dictator till now.

Kim Jung worked against his father’s principal his strength and the army and filled the worker party and then try to control over the army army first was the policy of his father he crashed his opponent and even killed his relatives as cousin brother and his uncle.

He increase the power of ballistic missiles and created fear America also had meetings with North Korea but could not control over came John and North Korea becomes a headache for the whole world.

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