Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
Belarus and Poland dispute

British Army chief has warned that Europe on the gate of War. After thirty years because of Russia Condition is Serious.

Near about half a dozen countries’ army Active.

Belarus asked Russia to give Mobile Nuclear Missile System.

Condition is Serious between Poland and Belarus on the issue of Refugees.

Britain, America and Germany is in the Support of Poland.

Defence general of Britain has revealed the reason of disturbance because of Russia Supports Belarus.

After Thirty Years Cold War Like Situation Arises.

Russia says that he has nothing to do with refugees and president of Belarus said that army is ready to protect the country and it’s Border.

Britain’s Fighter Plane Stopped Russian Fighter Plane whose intension was to attack on Ukraine.

Russian Planes were stopped at Netherlands’ air Border.

The Russian Fighter Planes had to divert from Ukraine’s Air Border.

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