Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

My Research Work On Shrinnn Yantra

Why Pyramid is a Energy Structure? and Why Shrinnn Yantra is More Powerful Structure than Any Pyramid?

Because it inhales the Cosmos Energy From its Three Point as Described Below.

Think that if only one pyramid can Triple the Cosmos Energy then the “Shrinnn Yantra” the

 combination of NINE interlocking Triangles will do how much Multiplication of cosmos Energy.

My Idea is Only to use this “Middle Part” as a Healing and meditational Purpose,

Because the Center part is a collection of cosmos Energy it becomes so energetic so that if any person

 lives here for 7 days only will overcome from any disease like Cancer, HIV and many more uncurbable


The Entire Triangles are surrounded by circles having 8 and 16 Petals, which is again a Cosmic Energy

 Collectors the Petals Look like DOME(गुंबद).

So, Overall it is a hierarchical model of Cosmos Energy Collectors in Such Combination in which the 

Whole Cosmos Collected in Center part of 3D Shrinn Yantra.

My Idea is Only to Use this “Middle Part” as Healing and Meditaion.

We can do this by Making the Whole Structure (3D Shrinn Yantra)  2d to 3D (Imaginary to Reality).

As we Build Our House as it is build it with proper Mathematics Guidance in a building From.


Chandan Kumar Mishra


What i Am Thinking About the Applications of Shrinnn Yantra

 Here is How i am thinking to use our Ancestor Knowledge in Current Cituvation….i am thinking to

 Constructs this Structure as it is in real world as we build our houses after that the central part will be

 used to cure any Disease which is uncurbable just kept the patient into the red marked area and see

 results after 21 days.

This Image is a 3d Representation of Sanskrit Word “Shrinnn” Which Means Fulfillments of all Desire

Symbol of Goddess Laxmii.

I am assuming that this Structure can give us much more than what i am thinking now first of all we

 need to convert it from idea to reality by making this project in Reality.

This Symbol is  3D Representation of Sanskrit Word “SHIRNN”.

By Making this Symbol in 3D Model we can change the World of Meditation and Healing.

There are thousand’s of Benefit of this 3d Model of Shrinn Yantra.

These are Few like





Shrinn Yantra

My Idea to Manifest the Plan in Real World Make Meditation Room the Central Area which is Red
Marked and see the dramatic Result Out Come.

Chandan Kumar Mishra