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The teen years are filled with adventure and self discovery. They are not little kids anymore but not quite adults either.
This is a critical time when kids want more privacy, take on more responsibility and express the need to make their own decisions. Pet ownership is a wonderful way for teens to practice being responsible by caring for and making decisions regarding their pet.
So we are here to help with the first decision on the journey to becoming a great teen pet parent choosing a pet that’s right for their lifestyle.

In our list of the best pets for teens .

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs

For teenagers time is a precious commodity not to be wasted.
Between school friends and extra-curricular activities life can be a whirlwind.

But if your team is the responsible type who can spare the time to take care of a small pet that needs a considerable amount of attention then a Guinea pig may be the perfect addition to your family.

Just like most teens, Guinea pigs are social creatures that enjoy the company of their people.
They are small enough to be easily transported but are not so small that they are easily lost.

This makes them a great sidekick for on the go getters who love to mingle,
As well as teens who may need a conversation starter or those in need of emotional support.
So if your team can handle feeding, grooming and cleaning up after their pint-sized pal,

The rest should be effortless.
Fun Fact: Guinea Pigs will “popcorn” or hop when excited.



Some teams have funky styles sometimes like funny music and then there are those who are just plain funky if you are of the later Persuasion, then a ferret may be the perfect sidekick for your teen.
Ferrets get a bad rap because they have scent glands that secrete musky oils that are similar to, but less potent than a skunk’s.
The truth is ferrets can be smelly, but never go “full funk.”
Even if their scent glands are removed, there is no way to totally eliminate their odor and frequent bathing will only make their skin drier, and cause the glands to produce more oil.

Ferrets also have other qualities that make them great teen pets.
They are friendly, smart, affectionate,quiet and since ferrets are considered an exotic pet, they’re also great conversation starters.
Not to mention,they can also be litter trained.
Fun Fact: Like skunks, ferrets will release a large amount of secretions from their scent glands when they are threatened.



A Rat might be the best pet ,if your teen wants a small pet that requires a great deal of handling and behaves like a dog.
Read our incredible social animals. They loved human interaction and formed strong bonds with their people reading emotions and showing empathy when necessary.

Rats also enjoy the company of other rats so you should consider getting more than one.
Just be sure your child is responsible enough to care for two or more rodents, and since females are in heat every four or five days,that the little roomies are the same sex.

Not so fun fact: Rats From close relationships with their people, but unfortunately they are leave 18 months to 3 years.

Bunny (Rabbit)


Bunnies are quiet and prefer not to be handled, so they might seem like lame pets for teenagers,but as it turns out,rabbits can be quite entertaining.
They don’t even need magicians to make them part of a trick; they can do tricks all by themselves.
If you have ever heard or used the term ” dumb bunny,” forget it.

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are very smart and can be trained to use a litter box, come when called, and to do tricks such as hopping through agility courses, spinning around, kissing, or high-fiving.

Of course, training a rabbit is a bit different from training a dog (Some people Say it’s like training a cat), but if your teen uses techniques like treat motivation and clicker training, they should have no problem getting their four pawed pal to cooperate,
The concept of responsibility.

They Constantly clean themselves and don’t have a noticeable odor.
Their urine does have a strong smell, but their poop is virtually odorless.
So be Sure to litter train your hip-hop Superstar.

Fun Fact: Ever wonder where the Disney Character, Thumper, got his name?

Well, Rabbits will thump their hind legs against the floor or ground when they’re angry or anxious.


Gold Fish

One or more fish may be a great addition to the family if your teen isn’t partial to a pet that has to be handled or is just not the touchy feely type.
The irony of owning fish is that although they aren’t pets that can be cuddled or played with, they are great for relieving stress and anxiety.

Watching them swim to and fro in an aquatic environment can be relaxing not only for your teen, but for the entire family.
Another perk to having pet fish is the wide variety that is available.
Tropical fish come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes that your teen and their friends will never become bored.

Also, decorating an aquarium or fish bowl can be a fun activity for the whole family and a well decorated tank can add flair to your home.
And if your “young adult” needs a crash course in responsibility, there is no better pet to have than a fish.
Taking care of them requires a bit more than filling an aquarium with water and sprinkling a little fish food here and there.

To maintain a healthy ecosystem, they will have to master basics like keeping a consistent water temperature, water conditioning, and learn types of fish can coexist in an aquarium or else things could get, well …..fishy.

Fun Fact: Some species of tropical fish can change sex.

Rescue Cat

Burmese Cat

If your kid is a ” Cat person,” you can make them happy, and save a life by adopting a rescue cat.
No matter how they acquired their fur ball, cat people typically love the freedom of having a pet that they don’t have to groom, exercise or constantly shower with attention.

That said a cat’s low maintenance lifestyle is ideal for teen queens and kings who have other responsibilities like school or work.
As long as they dish out fresh food and water, offer up a few toys, keep the litter box clean and make time to get cozy with kitty when kitty is in the mood to get cozy, then things should go smoothly.

Adopting a cat will also give your teenager the opportunity to express empathy, as well as a sense of purpose and pride in knowing that they saved a life and made room at the shelter for other rescue animals.

They will feel like a ” cat’s meow.”
Fun Fact: One year of a cat’s life is equal to 15 human years.

Shelter Dog

Top 10 Most Protective Dogs in the World.

The Dog is the most popular pet in the world.
There are countless reasons we love them, but none more than the fact that they are loyal, have their own unique personalities and love us unconditionally.

These therapeutic qualities make adopting a pup who needs a home a wonderful way to tame the teen beasts.
Dogs can improve our mental health by reducing anxiety, feelings of sadness and loneliness, and by giving us a sense of purpose
Teens are naturally moody by nature, given the hormonal changes and life adjustments that occur during the adolescent years.

A dog will be the best friend who never judges them, always has their back and who they can tell all their secrets to.
Adopting a Shelter Dog is the perfect way to give back to the canine community.

You will be giving a home to a dog who will be by your teens through thick and thin, and making room for another pup to be sheltered until they find their furever home….and it will make your kid feel pretty doggone good.

Fun Fact : Adopting a dog is a way to help put puppy mills out of business.

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