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Top 5 Smartest Animals in the World

Top 5 Smartest Animals in the World

5. Dogs


Dogs are fully aware that their owners are indeed their owners, having excellent facial recognition skills, as well as having top-notch emotional senses – you know when your dog gives you a cuddle if you’re having a cry?

They know you’re upset, and want to comfort their best friend!

Border collies in particular are the smartest, with Chaser knowing the names of over a thousand objects. Chaser is able to fetch on command in response to the object’s name; he even knows the names of each of the Power puff Girls. What a dog! So you can see that dogs are definitely up there with the cleverest animals of all, and that they’re more than just our fluffy companions.

These creatures are really awesome resembling their brain power 77% matching with the humans.

4. Dolphins


Dolphins are so smart they can mimic humans — and they even know how to cheat! Kelly, a research dolphin at the Marine Mammal Studies lab in Mississippi, hoodwinked her way to more treats during an action-reward drill.

During the observational period, trainers taught the dolphins to exchange pieces of trash in their tanks for food. Kelly caught on pretty quickly and gamed the system by ripping her “trash” into multiple parts to double her culinary rewards! Dolphins are the national animal of Greece and Gangetic dolphins are the national water animal of India.

They resembles 86% of their brain power matching with the humans.

3. Parrots


We all know how ingenious parrots are with their super-cool mimicking skills, but is that all they can do? In short, no! There have been countless experiments undertaken over the years on different species of parrots, to figure out what they’re capable of and how clever they really are.

Alex, the African Grey Parrot was subject to a 30-year study which concluded that he was as smart as a five-year old! Alex was capable of identifying over fifty different objects, five shapes, distinguishing different colors, and could identify quantities up to six.

Not only this, but Alex also had a vocabulary of over a hundred words! Most interestingly, perhaps, was Alex’s ability to actually ask a question.

Whilst looking at his own reflection in the mirror, he asked “What…

2. Elephants


Elephants rank among the largest terrestrial mammals, and they’re also some of the smartest animals on Earth! Famously, the pachyderms have incredible memories.

Not only can they remember watering hole routes hundreds of kilometers long, but they also recognize each other after years of separation.

Take, for example, Jenny and Shirley, who both ended up in a Tennessee elephant sanctuary. The moment their eyes locked, the two ladies did the elephant equivalent of running towards each other with arms wide-open. It turned out they had briefly traveled in a circus together 22 years earlier!

Like humans, elephants are one of the few species on Earth that can look in a mirror and realize they’re gazing at themselves. Elephants are very smarter animals resembling 93.8% of their brain power matching with the humans.

1. Chimpanzees


Chimpanzees can learn verbal languages, mourn lost loved ones, and even make tools.

Chimpanzees are a lot like humans. They learn verbal languages, mourn the passing of loved ones, and make tools. Also, like humans, their intellectual prowess is determined by both genetic factors and environmental ones.

To learn more about our remarkable cousins, head over to the Jane Goodall Foundation website.

Chimpanzees share 95 to 98 percent of DNA with humans and resembling 97.6% of their brain power matched with the humans which makes it the most intelligent and smartest animal in the world.

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