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In the year 1997, a coalition of 5 male lions called as West Street Males captured over the Sparta Pride of 8 lionesses in Sabi Sands Game Reserve.

In the beginning of 1998, one female gave birth to 2 cubs. When they were 18 months old, the male cub died in a Buffalo hunt.

In the Year 2000, 5 females gave birth to 13 cubs. When they were only six months old, a sub adult male lion of 2.5 years old resembling to that lion who died in the buffalo hunt came into the territory of Sparta Pride.

This sub adult male lion was able to harm the cubs so Sparta females didn’t want him to enter the pride but this male lion was the son of one of the West Street Males from another pride they had captured so the male lions accepted him into the pride. After a year, he became a good hunter and was seen helping Sparta females in the hunt. This male lion was named as Makhulu.

Out of 13 cubs only 5 survived till their 2nd birthday. At that time 3 females also gave birth to 7 cubs but just 3 became 1 year old. Now this pride had just 8 cubs surviving out of 20. Makhulu was now an adult lion and he was seen most of the time with his step brothers.

In the year 2003, there were just 3 West Street Males left as one was killed by another lions and one died due to an injury given by a giraffe in a hunt. In 2004, young males attacked to the Sparta pride. They killed one of the West Street Males and chased away the other 2. Now, Makhulu took his 5 step brothers with him and left that territory.

At this time, Makhulu was 6 years old, Dreadlocks (Scar), Rasta and Pretty Boy were 4 years old and the younger brothers named as Mr.T (Satan) and Kinky Tail were just 2 years old.

They started hunting by own and within a year, they became professional hunters. Every week they used to kill a Giraffe or a Buffalo. Now they were certified hunters.

In the year 2006, all the brothers became adults and now they were able to conquer over the prides and make their own territory.

Now all the 6 males were in their prime condition and they invaded the territory of another 4 males in Eastern Sabhi Sands, they killed one of them and chased away the other three.

In a year they had captured total 8 pride of lions and killed so many cubs of another males. They killed some females also who defended their cubs.

Now they had their control over an area of 70000 hectares. They were now the new rulers of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve.

At the beginning of 2007, rangers saw that Mr.T started fighting with Makhulu to take over the supremacy from his brother but Makhulu defeated Mr.T and chased him away from his territory.

Kinky Tail went along with Mr.T and left their brothers forever. For next 2 years, they ruled over the Western parts of Sabi Sands. They mated with the females there and became fathers also. They were seen defending their cubs and territory from outsiders. They were now in healthy condition.

In the year 2010, both the males were now 8 years old and they were ruling this area for last 2.5 years but then a coalition of 5 young male lions called as The Mighty Majingilanes invaded their territory.

When both the Mapogos seen one of the Majingilane males, they killed him. On that night, other 4 Majingilanes took revenge from Kinky Tail as they were mauling him to death. When Mr.T saw this, he went to defend his brother but they chased him away and killed Kinky Tail. That night feared all the rangers and cameramen as it was the death of a king. His roar was heared miles away and finally Kinky Tail died.

Now the 4 Majingilanes were the new rulers of the Western Sabi Sands.

At the Eastern parts of the reserve, Makhulu at the age of 12 may be old but still was ruling here with his 3 brothers. Some of their children were now sub adults but some were still cubs.

One day rangers saw that Mr.T came back to the territory of his brothers and they accepted him too but Makhulu always kept a distance from Mr.T as he was well aware of his brother’s cruel nature. But Mr.T was Mr.T as he was seen sometimes killing the cubs of his own brothers and he also ate them. Due to this behavior of Mr.T, he was also named as Satan.

He then controlled over the prides of his brothers and became the new king.

In the year 2011, Rasta was killed by the poachers and Dreadlocks (Scar) was killed by the village people as he left the reserve. Now only three Mapogos were left Makhulu, Pretty Boy and Mr.T.

On March 2012, Makhulu was 14 years old, Pretty Boy was 12 years old and Mr.T was 10 years old but still in his prime.

At that time, a new coalition of 4 male lions called as Selati Males arrived in their territory. On 16th March 2012, the four males were seen fighting with Mr.T and they mauled him.

Rangers saw that the 4 males bitten Mr.T’s back very rudely but still he battled with the 4 Selatis very bravely. Finally after tormenting few hours, Mr.T closed his eyes. Rangers and cameramen cried as it was the death of a real ruler.

Now just two Mapogos were left alive. After this battle, they left this area and went to the Kruger National Park. In 2013, both of them died due to the old age of 13 and 15 years.

They ruled the Sabi Sands Game Reserve for 6 years and the children of Makhulu are still alive and they are carrying the lineage of the Legendary Mapogos with them.

It was estimated that the Mighty Mapogos killed more than 100 lions in their reign. In one word we can say that the Mighty Mapogos were the real kings of the Sabi Sands.

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