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Documentary :- In the starting of the year 2014, two male lion cubs (Leo and Max) were born in a powerful pride consisting of 2 male lions, 6 female lions and their cubs.

Leo was brave and bold from the starting of his life. He used to eat meal along with his father while Max was of shy nature. Leo’s confidence was much more than his age but it was not enough to become a king.

When they became 8 months old they went for a hunt with their mothers for the first time in their life but due to eagerness of Leo, they were not able to hunt prey.

When they became a year old they went for a buffalo hunt. Leo was not enough old to hunt a buffalo but due to his eager behaviour he attacked on a buffalo making the buffalo herd very angry and they attacked on the pride. Pride members went away from there leaving Leo alone. He then climbed on a tree to save his life but his brother Max was seeing him from a distance. After then flash of lighting started which feared the buffalo herd and they left away. After the buffalo herd left away, Max came to meet his brother Leo.

In the mid of 2016, when the brothers became 2.5 years old their fathers kicked them away from their pride. Now Leo and Max were on the territory of two big 7 year old male lions. Leo and Max started hunting buffaloes but they were still young to hunt a buffalo. At the night, Max chased the buffalo herd and Leo killed a female but hyenas came over there and a battle started between the lions and hyenas.

Due to the noise, the real kings of the area came over there and made Leo and Max to run away and left their prey. At morning, Leo and Max returned to their hunt but they found the two big males were eating their prey.

They were too big and powerful so the brothers were not able to fight them. One of the males saw Leo and Max and chased them. After seeing this Max run away but Leo was stubborn. He started fighting with the two males and was beaten a lot but due to his partner’s help he survived and became healthy once again.

It had been a lot of time when this incident happened. In the mid of 2018,they are now adults and became a certified buffalo hunters.

In the beginning of 2019, they are now much powerful to conquer over a pride. They saw three females in their territory and started mating with them.

Now Leo and Max have their own pride. One day they started hunting a buffalo but Leo got injured but his brother Max was always there for his help and once again he survived and became healthy too. And now in 2021,they are almost 8 years old and are very powerful predators and a wealthy kings.

Thus they have their own pride and a territory to defend which means they are now the real kings of the forest.

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  1. Very nice brotherhood between the two males which makes a powerful coalition of lions and eventually now they are the kings. I am so impressed after seeing this social nature of lions. Lions like Leo and Max are very important to save these creatures otherwise we will lose them.

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