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pets are wonderful creatures to have today.

We’re sharing some amazing pets that have saved human lives.

Number 10 lulu, the pig lulu,

The Vietnamese potbelly
pig once belonged to a young woman who asked her parents to babysit and never returned to claim the
animal, luckily for lulu.
Her new humans, Jack and Joanne Salzman fell in love with her and she with them.
One day while camping in the Northwoods of Chris Kyle Pennsylvania, Joanne felt a pain in
her chest and her left arm went numb, recognizing this to be a heart attack, She began
to cry for help.
Their dog, an American Eskimo named bear barked loudly, but no one could
hear either of their cries.
That’s when lulu took matters into her own hooves.
She squeezed all her 100 50 plus pounds through the two small dog door and managed to
burst the gate open.
She was injured and bleeding but went to the nearest road and played dead.
She periodically checked on her human just to go back to the road and lie down.
Eventually, a man stopped to check on the poor animal lulu jumped up and had the man follow her
back to her human Joanne asked him to call an ambulance and she was flown to the Medical center
beaver for open heart surgery.
The doctor stated that if she had waited 15 more minutes, she would have likely perished.

Number nine

Riley New Jersey resident Mark Stone Zaino was in
for a surprise when he checked his security footage After seeing his bird feeder knocked down in the
It shows his neighbor’s dog Riley a black lab mix attacking a large bear in their
backyard stine.
Zaino was in his garage chasing down a rat snake and had no idea the bear was even in his yard.
Riley is seen racing into the yard and slamming himself into the bear, which scrambled to escape.
Riley’s owner.
Alan Tlusty says it’s just another normal day for Riley who always chases bears out of
the backyard stan.
Zaino says the dog visits his Children and is a good dog and deserves a steak dinner.

When he next see’s the pooch Number eight Tara.
The Cat

Tara short for Satara is a tabby cat who lives in Bakersfield California.
She joined the trying to fill a family in 2008.
After she followed them home, Tara gained some fame in 2014 after saving one of her
humans, four year old jeremy from the neighbor’s dog, Jeremy, who is
autistic was riding his bike in the front yard when the Labrador chow mix named scrappy came from
behind and began biting the boy’s leg.
The dog began shaking the boy and dragging him down the driveway when, Tara through her whole body weight
against the dog and chased him away After the dog was gone, she returned to her boy, whom the
family states was very fond of him to check on him.
Jeremy needed about 10 stitches in his legs but survived the attack and called Tara
his hero

Number seven Todd versus snake Paula

Godwin and her two golden retrievers, Todd and cooper were on a walk.
One morning in anthem.
Arizona Godwin failed to see a rattlesnake on the path in front of them.
The snake coiled to attack and with some quick thinking, the six month old puppy jumped in
front of the attacking serpent and protected his human.
Todd sustained a nasty bite to the face but was quickly taken to the hospital by Godwin where they
treated him with antivenom and kept him for the rest of the day from monitoring.
Since that day, Todd has made a full recovery and is lauded as a hero by his human

number six max.

The wonder dog, 80 year old Jack Farrell was looking for someone to keep him company when
he adopted £90 max from a German shepherd rescue of northern California.
One night, as Farrell was sleeping peacefully, a wall heater malfunctioned, filling his house with
dangerous carbon monoxide max knew exactly what to do to save his elderly human.
The dog grabbed Farrell by his arm and dragged him out of bed down the hall into the
kitchen where Farrell awoke startled, He was bleeding heavily from where Max had grabbed him and
realized something was Amiss.
Farrell called 911.
When firefighters arrived at the California home, they found the carbon monoxide levels to be
The level was at 75 parts per million where firefighters put on breathing gear at around 25
parts per million.
Farrell was briefly hospitalized but is alive today thanks to his new pal max

number five Socko.

In 2015, 16 year old Joseph Phillips Garcia was on a vacation in British Columbia
with his family and dog Socko, a King Shepherd.
After a day of fishing and wild potato picking, they packed up and headed home phillips.
Garcia went with his aunt, cousin and friend on the way their car veered off the road and
careened down a hill.
Only phillips Garcia and Socko survived.
They were both ejected from the vehicle and phillips Garcia was very badly injured.
Socko stayed with his owner, keeping him warm while he slipped in and out of consciousness and
even going the extra mile by helping phillips Garcia to a nearby creek for water with a
broken collar bone and femur phillips Garcia knew he wouldn’t be able to walk this injury
off as night fell, Socko stayed close to phillips Garcia continuing to keep
him warm.
When the first howls of coyotes were heard, they drew closer and rumblings were heard
nearby, Socko sprang into action, jumped into the bush protecting his human and chasing
away the coyotes.
40 hours after the accident, search and rescue teams found the pair and phillips Garcia made a
full recovery while Socko received a medal for his valiant actions.

Number four Lucky penny Brenda and her Labrador Penny.

We’re out on a walk along the L we river in Wales.
When they spotted an empty wheelchair by the bank, Brenda asked another dog walker nearby if
he knew what had happened.
That’s when they spotted the woman in the water.
It had rained the day before the river had swelled and the current was rushing by.
In an act of quick thinking, Brenda commanded Penny to fetch the obedient Penny
didn’t hesitate to jump into the torrent and rescue the woman dragging her to shore.
Brenda assisted her dog and found out that the woman was still breathing.
She put the woman in the recovery position and stayed with her while the other dog walker called for paramedics.
It is believed that the rescue woman was missing from a nearby home and has since recovered.
Local authorities have praised Brenda and her 10 year old canine hero, saying there’s no doubt that her quick
thinking and prompt action saved the woman’s life.

Number three Kelsey,

the golden retriever New Year’s is normally a time for
celebration and making resolutions to be better in the coming year.
But for this Michigan man, New Year’s Eve was a perilous night, 64 year
old bob was watching football when he decided to get a new log for his fireplace.
He ran out with just his long Johnson slippers when he slipped on an icy step,
breaking his neck and paralyzing him, he screamed for help, but his nearest neighbor
was a quarter mile away.
His golden retriever Kelsey heard his cries and came to help.
She barked endlessly and kept bob warm throughout the night.
From 10:30 p.m. To around 6:30 p.m. New Year’s Day bob lay in the
snow while temperatures dropped to 24 degrees.
And after 20 hours of nearly freezing, bob’s neighbor was alerted by Kelsey’s barking and
came to his aid, Bob says Kelsey kept him warm by laying on top of him and licked his face
and hands to keep him awake.
When he arrived at the McLaren.
Northern Michigan Emergency Department Bob was hypothermic, his core temperature was below
70°, had a broken neck and some wounds around his arm where the dog potted him
to stay awake after surgery bob’s surprised everyone by moving his arms and legs.
He says he is eternally grateful to his doctor and his dog.

Number two dories.

Diabetic rescue dogs and even cats have been known to be able to detect when they’re
humans are having an invisible problem like seizures or early cancer warnings.
But this next pet is not your normal detection system.
The rabbit, it was thought to be a Flemish giant was able to save her human as he fell into
a diabetic coma.
Simon struggle of Cambridge shire.
England was watching television when he passed out.
His wife Victoria was in the kitchen and thought he fell asleep so she thought nothing of it that is
until their rabbit Dory jumped on mister snuggles chest and began something with her leg.
The 1.5 stone or £21 rabbits.
Odd behavior alerted Mrs. Steagall when she wouldn’t get off the furniture as she was told
Dory was digging at mister snuggles chest and tapping her leg.
This prompted the ambulance driver to check on her husband and when she couldn’t rouse him herself, she
called 999 the UK version of 911.
This isn’t the first animal Mr Stegall has had helped him detect his low blood sugar.
He once owned a black lab that would cower in a corner when his sugars were dangerously low, prompting him
to take a test and potentially saving his life.

Number one, peculiar parrots.

There are many families around the globe that have birds as pets, but what might be surprising is
how many parrots have saved their humans lives.
A Quaker parrot named Willie once protected his family’s youngest while she was having a snack.
Two year old Hannah began to turn blue and Willie began raising a ruckus to alert his owner.
Megan Howard, Willie began saying mama baby over again until Howard came to check on the
That’s when the babysitter found the toddler and performing the Heimlich maneuver saving the young girl’s
Another notable rescue was by a cockatiel named Dylan crocodiles are very popular
bird to have as a pet and Andrew hardy would learn just how smart these parrots can be
cardiac had fallen asleep after a long shift at his factory job when a fire erupted underneath his
house, Dylan since the blaze and began squawking loudly, which woke his
human, alerting him to the fire and allowing him and Dylan to escape unharmed.
Unfortunately, the house was lost.
But hardy, Ac and Dylan are alive and well, thanks to Dylan’s daring defense.
Do you have an animal rescue story?
Share it with us in the comments below, and it’s always thanks for watching.

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